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Rock Lobster Scented Candle

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We are pleased to introduce our latest candle collection. With titles inspired by our favorite music, and packaging featuring some of our favorite motifs,

these candles will land in your top ten!

Made in collaboration with boutique candle maker Kobo Candles,

each candle is hand poured in upstate New York!

-Fragrance: Rock Lobster includes notes of red currant, poppy stems, and lemon.  Lusciously tropical and fragrant. In this aromatic blend, a sensual combination of black and red

currants accent the poppies while a final, sweet citrus note tops it off. The perfect compliment to your summer cook out!

-Packaged in a reusable paper canister

-Includes wooden matches and a metal extinguishing lid

-Measures 5.5" high x 4" long x 4" wide

-80 hour burn time

-100% pure soy wax

-cotton wick

-Made in the USA

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